Weight & Balance


Does anyone have a weight & balance calculator for the Giles 202? Maybe something in an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet with the graph showing the in/out cg limits?

W&B Spreadsheet

This is the one we supplied with the kit. RG

/Users/richard/Downloads/202KA W&B_0.xls


Problems with browser

I'm sorry guys, My browser seems incompatible with the website. I'll forward the spreadsheet to DJ for posting.  RG


wt & Bal

G'day Gary,
I fly a G 202, it is Len Fox's original plane registered VH-YLF in Australia at unlimited. We have 20 L header and I put 25L above that for all training flights. My CG on takeoff is 29.6% MAC. When I have used up to 25 L in the top tank and landing we are down to 30.66% MAC. For competition is slightly less fuel to begin with but the numbers are much the same. Trim is for 0G so verticals can be hands off. Have fun