Weight & Balance


Does anyone have a weight & balance calculator for the Giles 202? Maybe something in an Excel or Numbers spreadsheet with the graph showing the in/out cg limits?

W&B Spreadsheet

This is the one we supplied with the kit. RG

/Users/richard/Downloads/202KA W&B_0.xls



Hey Richard, do you have any recomendations for how to add ballast weight to the back of the tail to shift the CG aft a bit?

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I'm sorry guys, My browser seems incompatible with the website. I'll forward the spreadsheet to DJ for posting.  RG


wt & Bal

G'day Gary,
I fly a G 202, it is Len Fox's original plane registered VH-YLF in Australia at unlimited. We have 20 L header and I put 25L above that for all training flights. My CG on takeoff is 29.6% MAC. When I have used up to 25 L in the top tank and landing we are down to 30.66% MAC. For competition is slightly less fuel to begin with but the numbers are much the same. Trim is for 0G so verticals can be hands off. Have fun




Does anyone know if there is an approved slution for adding ballast weight to the back of the tail to shift the CG aft?