This G200 kit #8, originally purchased by Hans Miesler and later sold to Aaron Burhoe. DJ Molny purchased it in June 2017. The major construction work is done, with mostly systems and finish work yet to be completed. It will eventually fly as N10GZ (ten G's, get it??).

The builder's log for this project is at: https://www.n10gz.us


Loaded for transport from Sonora CA to Fruita CO. The wings and ailerons are hung from the truck's side rails and the propeller box is underneath the fuselage. We took the long route, avoiding the winding roads through the Sierras to minimize the risk of damaging the precious cargo. Many thanks to Bob Rothe for his help with loading and securing everything, and to Aaron Burhoe for his generosity and patience.

Packed for transport


Unpacked and stored in my 30x30ft shed. I plan to hang the wings from the ceiling once they're inspected and I've compiled a "to-do" list.




nice, I spoke to Aaron many times over the last decade or so.  all the best.