HELP!! (Loose spar bushings)


Hi everyone, I've taken my wings apart for inspection and found that the wing bolts are too worn - seems like one of the bushings through the main spar is loose. What is the part number for the wing bolts? Help appreciated. Best Lars Najbjerg

Spar bolts

Hi Lars,

Not an uncommon problem on the G-202. My bolts in G-200-001 are AN8's, not sure of the length though. Kits may have had larger bolts. The spar bushing are aluminium. I made a puller out of 1/2" threaded rod, pipe offcuts and large washers to pull the spar bushes out of the spars without damage. Cleaned it all, roughed the bushes with sandpaper and glued back in with Hysol.

Some aircraft had tapered bolts and matching bushes - luckily not many I think.

Hope this helps.