As we all know, there is not a lot of space in the Giles 2O2 to fit instrumentation. Has anybody come up with an alternative to the original VM1000??



do you have a photo of you panel??

Michael...mitch here. Can you

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Michael...mitch here. Can you check your K factor value for your FF and let me know? Also. Please read my CHT post and let me know


Standard instruments

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I have standard round instruments on the back seat. The frontseat had to be modyfied a little bit, but it works.

Instr panel

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I have the MGL Discovery Light . Easy replacemnt for the VM 1000.  Kept all sensor except OP and OT.  rPM is read from Plead now.  Still playing w the K factor on the FF since no one seems to know what the K factor for the VM 1000 originally was.  Im going from 9100 to 24000.   Playing between those # to get to the closest Actual Fuel flow....currently at 19000 k factor and virtually burning more than actual!!   pain in the ass!

How have you found the

How have you found the Discovery? Do you have any pics of your install? I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about MGL products.