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I'll have to park my G-200 outside for a few weeks. Unfortunately it doesn't have any tie down points. Anyone have any tips on how to tie down the G-200?


tie down

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I have the same problem. I thread the rope through the outer aileron hinges to fix the wings.

Thanks for the reply, I

Thanks for the reply, I wonder if it's structurally strong enough to use as a tie down. I like the idea if its a safe option. 

A friend had a clever idea

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A friend had a clever idea for tie downs, it is possible to apply it even after the plane is completed through the wing tip inspection plates if you have them on both wings.

He laminated 6 fiberglas plies 290 g/m2 between the main spar and the tip rib, on the corner, in order to give a better connection between the main spar and the tie down and a fiberglas protection for the alluminum backing plate. 

He then made two alluminum backing plates, he sais 3 mm thickness that should be about 4/36". He installed two anchor nuts, one per side of the backing plate. On the picture you can read the old part number (he wrote this in 2006). He then drilled two holes for the two screws and proceded to bond the backing plate in place, waxing the screws and using them to retain the backing plate in place while the resin cures.

He then made two alluminum tie down plates to be mounted outside the tip rib.

On the pictures you see here dimentions are in mm.

Hope this helps.

PDF icon G-200 Tie downs.pdf

Work in progress.