Max snap speed


What are guys using for max snap speed in the G-200? 

Was there ever a published speed or was it up to the homebuilder to determine?


I've been using 130mph as my max snap speed. I find myself wishing for a slightly higher speed sometimes. I've had alot of figures in advanced recently that start in level flight with a push to vertical down and a snap on the downline. Even at low throttle the speed gets up to 130mph pretty quick, so I feel I'm rushing the snap. 


Interested to hear what others are using. 



Max snap speed

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I don't have a direct answer to your question, but suspect that it was up to the builder to decide where to set that particular limit.

I snapped my old G200 at 130KIAS a few times and it really went around! 120KIAS was a more typical target speed for me.

Max speeds in any specific

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Max speeds in any specific regime only correspond to max-control surface deflection, correct?  Isn't Va defined as the max (safe) speed for full (and aggressive) control surface deflection?

DJ mentioned 130KIAS, which is 150MIAS. I've probably done that a couple of times too.  I try and preplan my figures on the ground, and then don't pay as much attention while I'm in the sequence. I just try and hit my preparatory numbers.  The push-to-down-line and snap showed up in Fig 10 of the FUnk1 at US Nats.  My preplan was to slow to 70MIAS, push over aggressively with power back, and then power up into the snap.  It seemed to work ok.  I don't know what my IAS was.

My guess is we could do nice-looking snaps in the G200 at higher IAS's if we ease off the full-deflection.  The problem is repeatability / consistency.

I'd like to hear some more on this, but I think the Giles forum might not garner as much banter.  Maybe we should move it to the aerobatics blog?

Dave Taylor

Dave T.

After the airshow crash in

After the airshow crash in which a G202 tail broke off, Richard Giles published some recommendations.  I don't have that letter handy, but my recollection is that he recommended a maximum snap speed of 120.  He didn't specify knots or mph, but I assumed it was knots and have been using that limit.  Someone who has the letter in hand should correct me if my memory is faulty.

Regarding vertical down snaps from level, as long as you don't need to match radii you can make push down as tight as the wing will take, and the extra drag of the high angle of attack will help to control airspeed.