Update: Ilya Pirkin purchased N220DJ in April 2017, and it now resides in Tracy CA.

Len Fox is the builder of record for this plane, kit #18. It's one of the kits that was "rescued" and completed when Akrotech closed its doors. I don't know who the original owner was. Based on FAA records, Brian Beaudry bought the plane in 2004 and registered it as N200BX. Then in 2005 Pete McLeod imported it to Canada as C-GPNM and used it to fly airshows. I purchased the plane in early October 2010, and with the help of Walt Plentis received the airworthiness certificate on 10/22/2010. I'm very excited to be part of the G-200 community, and am having a blast getting to know my new bird! Phil Deturck and I (OK, mostly Phil) did a lot of work on the plane. Here's a partial list of mods and improvements:

  • Added a cowling plenum
  • Upsized the primary oil cooler and added a second oil cooler
  • Replaced the Raven locking tailwheel with a steerable unit from Aviation Products of Ojai CA
  • Removed the smoke system and plumbed the slobber pot into the smoke injection port
  • Replaced the factory cowling louvers, which were flush to the slipstream, with gills designed to pull more air from cowl
  • Added a remote oil filter
  • Replaced the sheet metal rudder trays with custom machined aluminum channel
  • Installed an entry/exit step

Photo #1 by Marijke Unger, aided by Doedo Schipper at the controls of photo ship "Loki". Photo #2 by Steve Nelson. Photo #3 by bluedharma. Photos 4 and 5 by DJ Molny.