The Giles 202 N202FD was built by Acrotech in Darois, France. The serial number by Acrotech is #4.

The kit was part of several bought by CAP/Acrotech to form the base for the CAP 222. After it became clear that there are fundamental changes are needed to become CS 23 compliant, Acrotech decided to build the original kits as Giles 202s and sell them.

The plane was later sold to Dudley Ford in the U.S. Our club bought it from Dudley after a few years and brought it to Germany. Today we fly the plane in the club LSC Babenhausen (www.lsc-babenhausen.de). Last year the plane experienced some damage and has been repaired and newly painted.

The original engine and propeller have been replaced by a Lycon engine and a MTV-9 propeller to improve performance.

The photos below show both the original and new paint schemes.