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Editor's note: This plane is now owned by Randy Skiba of Alberta Canada.

Owner: Bob Freeman Built by Phil Deturck. Completed (kit 7) and test flown by Bob Freeman July 2000. Flew Advanced through 2004. It has a very judgeable paint scheme. The photo with Bob was made on the ramp at Nationals. Bob was a member of the 2010 United States Advanced Aerobatic team. Moved to and have been in Unlimited since then.

  • Hartzell 2 Blade Claw, very rare propeller, serial Number 1 prop.
  • Lycon parallel valve engine with dynamically counterweighted crankshaft.
  • Front governor pad. Pressure cowl.
  • Lightspeed CDI.
  • Removable GPS / gyro panel replaced by giant sequence card holder.
  • Smoke system.
  • Removable wing tips with strobe/nav lights.
  • 5.00 x 5 tires with carbon fiber wheel pants (source Greg Panzl).

Photo #1 by Marijke Unger, aided by Doedo Schipper at the controls of photo ship "Loki"