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My insurance company found the Specs on this site for the G200, and Is now considering whether to insure me after all.

The problem is the ridiculously low gross weight listed, 1150 pounds.  My G200 has an honest empty weight of 929 pounds.  Add 200 pounds for pilot and parachute and that leaves 21 pounds for gas.  From what I've heard from other owners, my empty weight is not out of line.  There's no unusual equipment - just a basic panel with Visions Microsystems engine instruments and steam gauge flight instruments, Becker com and Terra transponder.  The paint is so thin the weave shows through.  There's very little extra glass anywhere, or excessive squeeze out of epoxy.  The engine is a parallel valve 180 hp Lycoming.  The prop is a composite two blade Hartzell Claw.  It has a SkyTec lightweight starter, 15 lb Odyssey battery and a small alternator.  I don't see how it could be built to weigh enough less to make it legal to fly at a gross of 1150.

In my documentation I have a sample "Weight and Balance Worksheet" for G200 S/N G200-001, N5296E (the prototype, I think) weighed by Richard Giles.  It lists the Gross Weight at 1300 pounds.  I also have an information sheet published by Bill Finagin, who took over parts and support for the Giles after Akrotech suspended operations in August, 2000, and it lists the gross weight as 1300 pounds.  My C of A and my weight and balance list the gross weight as 1300 pounds.

I would like to see the Specs changed to what I believe is the correct gross weight, 1300 pounds.

I hadn't noticed that, but

I hadn't noticed that, but agree it is limiting and does not correlate with reality, as the stated 750lb empty weight attest.   Being Experimental, the limits are whatever the original builder certifies and hopefully has tested to.   #001 also has 750lb empty on the dataplate, but that was never true IMO.   Actual now is ~930lb, and I compete at about 1200lb.    The original stress analysis and design was for +/12g at 1000lb, assuming the 750lb empty wt.

G-200 Gross weight


You are correct. The design gross weight for the prototype was 1300 pounds. The 1150 number was an estimated "competition" weight which was intended to be pilot, chute, and just enough gas for one short flight in the box. 

A Reminder:  All G-200s (and G-202s) are certified as Amateur Built Experimental aircraft and as such the actual limitations of your specific aircraft will be what is listed in the specifications and limitations for your specific airplane. The original builder established those limitations and those govern your airplane. The prototype's limitations are aplicable only to that one airplane.