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Hello all, I am now looking for the engine to install on my G-200 progect. I found a used angled valve AEIO-360 engine that would come for a good price. Unfortunately it has one incovenient, the prop governor is on the back. I was wandering if may be somone of you knows of an engine shop that could exchange the engine case and all the parts that needs to be changed, with a case that has the governor on the front of the engine. The good side about the engine that I found is that it would come together with a just overhauled MT prop, a light weight prop governor, light weight alternator and last but not list a Sky Dinamics exaust system. So I am REALLY tempted to buy this engine despite the trouble of having a prop governor on the back. I know this is extremely dificult, but I thought it is wirth a shot. Thanks. Vittorio Primultini

Re: Engine

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Hi Vittorio.

I use Aircraft Cylinders and Engines in Greeley Colorado. The owner, Joe Folchert, has built and overhauled a lot of aerobatic engines and has a very good reputation, and his prices are lower than the big shops like LyCon or Barrett. Joe also knows the G-200, having supplied engines for at least three or four of them. His phone number is +1 970-350-0540. Our time zone is GMT-6.

I know that cases with a front-mounted governor pad are hard to find. On the other hand, a friend who used an engine with a rear-mounted governor told me that he had to modify both the firewall and fuel tank (!) in order to make it fit, and he said that it was a real pain in the ass.

Finally, the angle valve engine weighs 15 to 20kg more than the parallel valve engine. That's pretty significant in a light plane like the Giles, and it results in a more forward CG. If I were building a new Giles I would try to find a parallel valve engine.

Hope this helps.


Hi DJ, Thank you very much

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Hi DJ,

Thank you very much for your advise, I will contact the shop in Canada and see if thay can help me out. Will keep you posted.

Safe landings.

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G-200 Engine

Hi DJ and Vitt,

I have an angle valve IO-390 in G-200 #1 and the CG came in good, though empty weight is ~930lb (which is about typical I think). I wouldn't rule out using an angle valve engine. Re. governor location, I think the new small governors would fit behind the engine without airframe modification (eg. MT, PCU500 or Jihostraj).

my 2c.

IO 360

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Hi Vitt,

I have an IO 360 angle valve with a small Jihistroj govenor in the back. If you need dimensions, let me know. In my 202 I had to modify firewall an tank.


Hi Michael, The engine I was

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Hi Michael,

The engine I was talking about is in a shop beeing rebuilt right now. It will come out of the shop before I will have to adapt the aircraft to it. In any case if you could send me some info on your bodification I would really apreacheate it (vyttpri AT gmail . com)

I talked to the guy that had the engine installed in a G-200 before and he explaned me the modifications he made to the tank and the firewall. I didn't like the modification he did on tank as he sliced away about 2 inches of tank in the front. I would rather take away (looking at the tank like a clock) the first quarter of the tank around the governor. That way I would have a smaller capacity reduction but still have the ability to work out the governor control cable from the top of the tank. I still don't know if it would work out or not, it is still too early to say.

Thanks much for the info.

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