I am installing a superior oil sump on my Giles 202. Engine is an Lyc 360 C1B (angle valve). Does anyone has this oil sump and a fitting exhaust?



Hey Marco,

Hey Marco,

Did you find an exhaust that fit with the Superior sump?

I recently added the Superior cold air sump on my Giles 200, Lyc 360 (Parallel valve). My exhaust will no longer fit. Looking into the Skydynamics exhuast they have for the Giles. Waiting to hear back if it will fit with the Superior sump

I just saw your reply now. No

I just saw your reply now. No, I did not found an exhaust that fits the superior sump for the Lyc 360 (angle valve). At the end, I got someone experienced in building/modifying exhaust systems to modify the current exhaust so that it fits.

Skydynamics seem to be totally booked with work. Initially I wanted to have a their cold air sump, but they told me that this would take more than one year.