Giles 202 - For Sale by Owner


We┬┤ve had wonderful times for more than 12 years with our dear Giles, but now... the airport of our flying club is being closed. As we need to refrain from aerobatic operations now, the time has come to entrust our staunch companion to someone else for appreciation and care.

You will find our plane in superb condition, as it has always been hangared. The full history is known and documented.

- professionally built in 1998 by Avions Mudry (CAP) in France from original kits
- rebuilt in 2010 due to flip over on back after landing including new paint, engine and prop
- TTAF 870 hrs, since rebuilt 130 hrs
- previously registered N202FD, after rebuilt registered PH-LSC.

- factory new Lycoming AEIO-360 aerobatic engine
- Lycon modified, straight valve basis, max 230+ hp
- Ethanol injection available (+ approx. 30hp)
- 3-blade MT constant speed prop MTV-9-B-C/C193-18b
- TTSN 130 hrs. for engine and prop

- Engine Monitoring with VM1000 from Vision Microsystems
- GTX 330 Mode S Transponder
- G-meter TL-3424 Accelerometer

- modifications on tail (horizontal stabilizer spar bolted to rear bulkhead) done professionally
- complete fuselage covered with rain cover

- cruise speed 170 kts
- maximum fuel capacity of 200 Liters
- range of more than 800 nm is possible at 170 kts - certified for +/-10G
- roll rate more than 500 degrees per second
- highest roll rate of any aerobatic airplane

For further details please contact
Konrad Lindner
+49 162 2604907