Tail Mod?


Hi guys I have been told buy a few guys that there is a tail mod that should be done to the G202. Is this true, if so what needs to be done?.Is there anything else that needs to be done to the aircraft? Regards Michel Leusch Model.torque@gmail.com

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Hi Michel.

I'm not sure this is the same tail mod you are referring to, but it is certainly a critical one:

Any time you cut through a carbon-honeycomb-carbon "sandwich", the edges of the cut have to be reinforced. If not, stress can crack the edges of the carbon, potentially leading to a catastrophic failure. If I recall correctly, this was the cause of a fatal in-flight breakup of a Cap 222 in France.


Tail mod?

Thank you DJ

That is exactly what I was wanting. I was told by Phillipe Stienbach, the designer of the Sbach that his friend was flying the Cap222 at the time.I got worried and was assured that if I carried out the mod I would be safe, although no one could elaborate on the mod.

Thanks again