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G-200 For Sale

GILES G-200 • $85,000 • PRICED FOR FAST SALE • 194 SMOH incl. new cyls, comp. 79/80 on all 4, 10:1 pistons, 220hp. 291 SPOH on MTV-15. Fresh annual. 974 TT. Built by Len Fox. Custom plenum, dual oil coolers, oil filter, 20 gal main tank, 24 gal wing tanks. Honest 170kt cruise, 600nm range! Entry step, baggage box, smoke, steerable tailwheel, Hooker harness. Engine monitor / totalizer, King comm and xpdr, digital altimeter, removable Garmin 296, Zaon traffic alert. Unlimited-capable, outstanding in Advanced aerobatics even at high density altitudes. Super-responsive, a joy to fly. Will deliver for expenses. Mtns not included. • Contact DJ Molny, Owner - located Longmont, CO USA • Telephone: 303-619-4814 • Posted February 14, 2017

More photos at: http://www.barnstormers.com/ad_detail.php?ID=1207708


DJ Molny's picture

Phil Deturck built this highly modified G-200. The seat has been moved aft to accommodate his long legs, the standard tip-over canopy is now hinged at the rear, and it sports Wittman-style landing gear that attach to the engine mount instead of the standard spring steel bar.

Photo #1 by Marijke Unger, aided by Doedo Schipper at the controls of photo ship "Loki". Photos 2-4 by Phil Deturck.