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Random Giles Stories

Kit #17

Jim Wells wrote in December, 2008: This is the kit that was begun by Jeff Seckendorf about 1995. Jeff did some of the work in his shop in Satatoga Springs, NY, and some of it at Composites Unlimited in OR. The plane is on the gear. All flight surfaces are closed. The wing root fairings are not yet attached to the wings. The engine cowling is not fitted. There is no plumbing or wiring. I've had this kit for about 10 years, and have made very little progress on it. My new years' resolution for '09 is to move this project forward. I'm thinking of doing the RV gear mod. I've scheduled a trip in January to Colorado to see Phil DeTurk's 200 to see how he did the gear mod and gather some more inspiration.

Paul Thompson purchased this kit from Jim in the summer of 2011. It spent a few weeks in Phil DeTurck's shop in the spring of 2012, where Phil worked on a number of items and gave it a good going-over. Joe Folchart, of Aircraft Cylinders and Engines in Greeley CO, built up the engine.